Welcome to the archive of stories from Shara and Ger's Pee Desperation Website!
Original website was available for 13 or more years and died in 2017. While serving as an image repository for omorashi/wetting fans around the world, Shara and Ger's website also had a collection of ~900 stories. Many people, including us, loved them and were very upset about the original website's disappearance. That is why we created this website.
The website you are on right now is an archive that preserves (mostly) all of the stories from there. It was originally created as part of a translation project, so you might find one or two stories in russian on here too.

Below you can find the list of stories sorted from newest to oldest. You can use page navigation at the bottom of this page, filter by author or tag.

Hiking Trip Pee
By: Biblio (31 Jan 2015, Saturday)

The following happened on a hiking trip in August 2012; it is true to the best of my recollections. I have the permission of the woman in this story to post this online with her name changed (she recently learned about my fetish):Four of us went on a long hiking trip (about 15 miles) in a region that is mostly above treeline, leaving early in the day on our adventure. Three of us were male and one hiker was female. Although this hike was long, it was in a remote area and had relatively few bathrooms (one at the start and 2 others at 4 miles and 6 miles in – leaving about 10 miles without a bathroom). The hike organizer (call him "Chris") made it clear that this was the case – with the implication being that we…

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A Chance Encounter
By: Jeff Marconi (31 Jan 2015, Saturday)

This story is nearly entirely fictional, with some elements of truth. I'll leave it to you to decide which is which.Chapter 1 I had about six hours left to go on my drive home. It had been raining almost the entire four hours since I started out, and since I was eastbound, it wasn't likely to let up. Since I was tensed up enough from driving I decided to pull in at the rest stop to use the bathroom, instead of just letting go in my pants like I normally would. Not another car in sight in the lot. As I got out of my truck, I saw her. She sat on a bench outside the rest area partly covered by a roof, but not completely. She was soaked from her mid–thighs down in her seemingly well–fitted jeans. Her head hung…

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Desperate on Holidays
By: Faith (30 Nov 2014, Sunday)

I've always been pretty cautious about needing to pee when I'm away from home since if I'm somewhere I've never been before I won't know where toilets are (and I really don't like to ask). So I'm usually much more careful than I am at home. Still, I do have a story that happened to me when I was on holidays last month.I'll start at the point where I passed up an easy opportunity to pee. It was a fairly understandable opportunity to pass up because it was one of those seldom–cleaned concrete block arrangements out at the edge of a National Park. My husband Tom and I had just been for a walk through the bush, clear and wide paths, nothing super strenuous, but really nice. I had drunk a fair bit of water because…

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Short Story
By: Anne Taylor (31 Oct 2014, Friday)

You think you know yourself well and feel that you understand what makes you tick and then something happens that makes you think againAbout a month ago I joined some friends on a Friday night in London for a drink and to say 'goodbye' to a work colleague who was was leaving. I'd dressed casually for the night in light coloured jeans, a loose top and a cotton jacket. The evening started out quietly and gradually became noisy and fun without being rowdy. I'd started drinking with someone who seemed keen and I was happy to share some of the evening with him.We drank wine and I always drink water with it to dilute the potential hangover. At about eleven I had to leave to catch a train home and I said goodbye to…

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By: Lancing (31 Oct 2014, Friday)

We exited the coffee shop with our coffee in hand and got back on the road. We had a full day of driving ahead of us. We got into the Ford Focus we were driving and were off. "You ready for a fun day, Holly?" Jason asked me. The day would be full of driving, but tonight would be fun. Today was a very special day for me, it was my twenty–first birthday and we were headed to Vegas! "Of course!" I said enthusiasticly. Me and Jason hadn't been dating long, just over a month. I wouldn't say I love him, but he is cute and kind, and when he said he would take me to Vegas, I couldn't refuse. We've never gotten intimate, but I bought some black sexy silk bra and panties that I was wearing under my jeans and blouse for…

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The Prank
By: Jaspal (30 Sep 2014, Tuesday)

Maggie sipped eagerly from her 1L water bottle as she looked over her notes one last time. She had already gulped down a large mug of coffee and a tall glass of orange juice immediately after her morning pee. She was on her way to write her last exam before a two week break between semesters. Sherry and Sabrina had been over the night before studying while engaging in some wet fun. Not surprisingly, all three girls had ended up with pissy jeans by the end of the study session. It was dark out by then so Sherry and Sabrina hadn't worried about walking home in a wet state, even with a full moon lighting the campus pathways. Maggie couldn't help but wonder if they had been seen on their ten minute walk home.As…

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Maggie's Secret
By: Jaspal (31 Aug 2014, Sunday)

Maggie crossed her legs together danced lightly on the spot as she waited for her two bff's to return from Starbucks with her large macha tea. She had managed to separate herself from Sherry and Sabrina, using the excuse of wanting to enjoy the sunshine for a bit while they waited in line. It was hard hiding her secret game from them when the desperation got this bad. That said, Maggie found these adventures to be much too exciting to resist. Now if only she could find the right guy to share these experiences with'The three girls were Masters of Finance students at the University of Washington. As international students from Shanghai, they made every attempt to enjoy all that Seattle had to offer knowing there…

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Bladder Strain on the Train
By: Poseidon (31 Jul 2014, Thursday)

Some weeks ago work took me to a meeting in London from which I had to go on to a day conference in Brighton. As per company policy travel was by rail, normally a reasonably pleasant affair as the main line trains although crowded are quite comfortable. I had expected to return from Brighton via London, the reverse of my outward journey but found that the cheapskates in the office had booked me on the slow, all stations coastal route back to Fareham. I had never used this service so had no idea what awaited me. If I had I may have arranged things differently.The conference did not finish till late in the afternoon and I had to dash for the station to get my booked train, not even having time to use the loo…

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Still Walking Strong
By: Alpian (30 Jun 2014, Monday)

This story contains Female Desperation, Humiliation, Female Wetting, Female Peeing, and Golden Showers. When I got home, no one was around, so I quietly went to my room, changed clothes and went straight to bed. There was so much to dream about: wet panties, soaked pussies, and overwhelming ladies! Two weeks passed and nothing had happened. The weather was rather rainy and I had chosen to ride my bike or hitch a ride whenever some neighbor's kid had the same hours as I did. But summer came back and so did my desire to pick up my clothes. Doubtless, Mom would ask for them now that the weather allowed wearing them again. And maybe there was something else that attracted me to that house with a birch tree in…

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Poland, 1939 Part 1
By: Rainy (30 Jun 2014, Monday)

NOTE'.The historical setting of this story is factual, but all of the characters are purely fictional. I was a senior high school girl living in 1939 Poland. I am also Jewish, which made me an outcast. We lived in a small town west of Warsaw with only a hundred Jews, and I was the only one in my class. And then there was Anna. She was a nice looking Catholic girl, outdoorsy with dark blond hair and tall like me. She seemed to fit in well, but one day a story spread like wildfire that she had tried to kiss another girl and was a lesbian. Anna denied it, or course, but the story was taken as fact, and Anna's friends at her lunch table forced her to leave. As usual I was eating alone, and I nodded to Anna that…

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Mornings with my Boyfriend
By: Oh Dear (28 Feb 2014, Friday)

Saturday mornings are bliss after a long week of work and waking up next to my boyfriend makes it even better. I can hear his gentle breathing over my shoulder. I twist around to see him sleeping peacefully. I decide not to wake him. As I start to pull myself up to get out of bed, I feel a sharp tingle in my lower belly. My hand slides down the covers to meet a slight bump. My bladder was so full! I press down slightly and the sudden pain causes me to retreat. Best I get up and sort this out. Just as I start pulling the covers over myself, he wraps around me. "You're not going anywhere", he whispers into my ear. He kisses my head and hugs me from behind. "What's wrong? Is somebody full?" and with that his hand…

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Agony & Ecstasy
By: Poseidon (28 Feb 2014, Friday)

It all began last summer, after a nightmare journey home from work one Friday evening. I had left work in a rush, not bothering to use the loo, although I needed to, as my journey is usually less than 30 minutes. But not tonight! A lorry fire on the motorway caused a huge traffic jam and my short journey took well over two hours. Not having peed earlier I found myself becoming increasingly desperate as time went on. How I held it I still don't know as several times I thought I was going to wet myself in the car but somehow managed to hold it; but by the time I reached home I was in agony. As I hobbled from the car to my front door I was almost doubled up with pain but somehow made it indoors and upstairs to…

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Disaster & Discovery
By: Poseidon (28 Feb 2014, Friday)

Bladder problems! Not something that I'd ever experienced and something to joke about with friends – who do sometimes admit to embarrassing leaks when laughing or coughing or in a couple of cases not quite making it home from the pub in time! I always found these confessions rather amusing as I did the Tena adverts on TV – I could not believe that all these people wet themselves or needed 'protection' to keep their knickers dry. That someone might enjoy wetting their pants or even their bed was unbelievable. But then it happened – totally unexpected, very embarrassing (at the time) but ultimately amazing.Perhaps some background is in order. I'm Rachel, and no spring chicken being in my late 40's though I've…

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The Motorway Part 5
By: Paul Tester (31 Jan 2014, Friday)

Amy. Amy was quietly proud of her huge bladder, and while she did not openly boast of her capacity, she liked to show off, by casually dismissing the chance to visit the loo, saying "No thanks. I don't need to do that." When Joan had called at Amy's house that morning it had not been co–incidence that she had been offered several mugs of tea while they were waiting for a lift to the coach departure point. Naturally Amy had not been for a pee before leaving, nor had she offered Joan the chance. Amy knew that Joan usually needed to pee far more often than she did, and was surprised that she did no ask to use the loo before they left She might have hoped that Joan would suggest a 'last minute' pee, so she could…

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The Motorway Part 4
By: Paul Tester (31 Dec 2014, Tuesday)

Could Joan's situation get any worse? She had somehow got down the steps into the subway, blindly following Amy, convinced that this was the way to the Ladies she so urgently needed, and now nothing; just a long passageway leading to some more steps, the walls blank, with only a few advertisements and not the door to the ladies that she had to find. To confirm her misery that this was not where the Ladies was, Amy, her friend who knew the way to the Ladies, was starting to climb the steps, leading up to' where? The Ladies? It had to be there, somewhere close, Oh please not much further to walk! Joan needed to pee more desperately urgently than she had ever done in her life, and did not think she was capable of…

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